Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh

Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh

Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh - For reliable and efficient carpet cleaning services, in the Edinburgh area, look no further!

Whether it’s the carpets at your home or at your workplace our Edinburgh Carpet Cleaners can help you! With extensive experience, our Edinburgh carpet cleaners provide professional, first class wet and dry carpet cleaning services.  Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh - Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh:

For Dry Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh we use a professional machine imported from Germany which sucks up everything into water. Our Edinburgh Carpet Cleaners use this system, as opposed to regular vacuums which blow dust and other molecules back into the air circulation. Our system filters 99.98% of the air. This ensures that none of the dust from the carpets get back into the air and settle back into the carpets, and onto other furniture.  

Professional Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh, Edinburgh Carpet Cleaners

Wet Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh:

Our Wet Carpet Cleaning Edinburgh services are to, and beyond, industry standards. Our Edinburgh Carpet Cleaners deliver second to none results by removing ground in soil, odours and most stains while reviving your carpet's appearance.


Did You Know?

According to a scientific survey published in 2003, some viruses can survive on a dirty carpet for longer than a month.

According to the American Medical Association, after a short incubation period, ordinary carpet dirt contains from 99,400,000 to 11,585,800,000 bacteria per ounce (28mg).

Every year, we bring in large amounts of soil on our feet which become trapped in and under carpet.

It is believed that, when regularly cleaned and maintained, carpets may improve the quality of air in a room by trapping allergens and dust within their fibres. However, many people do not clean their carpets correctly and this exacerbates allergies.

These facts highlight the importance of proper carpet maintenance and deep cleaning. Regular use of our carpet cleaning Edinburgh services will ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned and free of germs and allergies.

Coronavirus Cleaning Service

Quality Cleaning Services understand our clients, existing and new, may be cautious about returning back to previous cleaning schedules. Please let us put your mind at ease with a full deep clean and disinfection. We will clean all floors, surfaces, touch points and equipment. We ensure nothing is missed using steam cleaning and bleach solution. Rest assured your environment is left perfectly safe and free from viruses. Last minute availability please email any enquiries to