Stair Cleaning Edinburgh

Stair Cleaning Edinburgh, edinburgh stair cleaners

Stair Cleaning Edinburgh 2015, edinburgh stair cleaners


For regular or one-off stair cleaning  throughout Edinburgh and the surrounding areas our Stair Cleaning Edinburgh service from our professional cleaners is ideal.  We are Edinburgh contract cleaning specialists for common stair cleaning for residential and commercial clients.  Clean, hygienic communal areas give a far more welcoming environment.   Let your staircase stand our from the rest.  Allow our Edinburgh stair cleaners  help you make the most of your communal space.  Stair Cleaning Edinburgh - Satisfaction guaranteed.

Regular Stair Cleaning Edinburgh:

Our regular stair cleaning service consists of lifting the doormats and then very thoroughly sweeping-down the staircase and landings. We will then remove any spiders/cob webs and/or dust build ups from the walls. We will then continue by mopping with fresh, hot water, cleaning detergent and anti-bacterial products. Lastly we will finish off by cleaning the handrail using anti-bacterial products.

Although this is our standard regular service we can tailor our service to your needs by the addition of other duties.  Spotless Cleaning Edinburgh - Please just ask!

One Off Deep Stair Cleaning Edinburgh:

Our one off deep stair cleaning service consists of lifting the doormats and then very thoroughly sweeping the staircase and landings. We will remove any chewing gum from the floors, and remove spiders/cob webs and built up dust from the walls. We will dust the handrails very thoroughly, washing them if required and scrubbing the walls, the railings, and floors.

Before starting our regular stair cleaning service we always recommend getting the deep cleaning done as the initial clean. This is because there is very often a build-up of dust and dirt.


Edinburgh Communal Stair Cleaning Services for Shared Entrances and Communal Staircases:

Maintaining a clean communal entrance or staircase can be a challenge.  Some residents take pride in their appearance but others sometimes don’t have the time or ability to clean well. 

At QCS we offer a great value solution with regular cleaning plans for communal areas.  The price includes all cleaning equipment so there is no need for individuals to buy and store their own cleaning materials. 

If you are a landlord then a clean communal entrance can give a great first impression and make the difference between a quick let and having a property sitting empty and losing money.   So why not have communal areas professionally cleaned in a cost effective way.

Stair Cleaning Edinburgh - Quality Guaranteed!

Coronavirus Cleaning Service

Quality Cleaning Services understand our clients, existing and new, may be cautious about returning back to previous cleaning schedules. Please let us put your mind at ease with a full deep clean and disinfection. We will clean all floors, surfaces, touch points and equipment. We ensure nothing is missed using steam cleaning and bleach solution. Rest assured your environment is left perfectly safe and free from viruses. Last minute availability please email any enquiries to